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Anyone have experience with state issued VIN #s from a theft recovery vehicle?


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I looked at a car last weekend that in terms of the car itself, is a sound car that I am interested in and priced right. Issue is the car has no Vin tags on it, and had a New York state issued replacement VIN # in the door jamb. Seller is from New Hampshire and claims to have a paper trail on the car that includes both a New Hampshire and MA title using the replacement VIN #, again issued by New York state.

I would be registering the car in CT which is a Bill of Sale only state, and will attempt to research with CT DMV but thought I would see if anyone here has had simillar experiences - ideally in the state of CT.

As interested as we are in the car, it would not be a cheap proposition (Jaguar XKE that is unrestored but actually runs well and has little rust, they are usually perfect and pricey or total junkers) and I want to be 100% certain of no registration issues prior to getting more serious. I understand this could also put a damper on resale as well, which is another consideration.

Any thoughts - especially experience based woudl be appreciated.

Mods - hoping this can stay here vs. "legislation" due to larger audience and being a specifc vs. legislative question.


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