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Convertible Visor Clips FIXED

Gary D

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Kingsley is THE MAN!

My 90 Vert has had "sagging" visor clips since day one of my ownership (two years ago). I contacted Kingsley about possibly purchasing two new clips, but told him that the sagging clips were purchased from him and installed by the previous owner.

Long story short, Kingsley very kindly send me the installation instructions and I discovered that the "PO" had incorrectly installed the clips.

All in all it cost me a trip to the hardware store for new screws and washers. (The washers were my innovation...I purchased nylon fender washers and heated them up with a heat gun so that they would easily conform to the contour of back side of the trim piece...and keep the screws that the PO omitted from pulling through the factory slot.)

The Kingsley visor clips are now correctly installed. Kingsley, thanks for your help!!! :D

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Attached is a sketch of the Reatta convertible visor clip attachment. The common failure is.... (1) The blind screw (which does not have a washer from the factory) pulls thru the plastic trim. At this time only the visible screw is holding the clip and with use the clip cracks at the visible screw. If you own a convertible with good visor clips, you can save yourself the expense in the future, of buying new ones, if you add the screw to the hidden screw at this time. Any washer is better than none, plastic, steel, etc post-30596-143142171312_thumb.jpg

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