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67 horn problem


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The lower mounted horn seems to have crapped out on me; I removed it, cleaned the contact, scraped away the paint for a good ground, jumped it, and all I could get was a weak "beep". I thought i read a horn repair procedure somewhere, or should I just order a new one?

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I have a horn repair tech tip coming out in the Nov Riview but that won't help you now. Often horns can be repaired/restored but it involves carefully drilling out the rivets and opening them up. Your horn has a code stamped on it that indicates if its high or low note. Confirm but it should be either 211 or 212 so if you get a replacement make sure you get the same code. Many GM horns from 64-75 look the same but they have different mounting brackets and different tones. If functionality is the only concern, replacements are easy to find as long as you don't care about getting the exact mounting and tone as your original. Besides the code, the high note horn typically has and H circled on the bell portion. The low typically has the circle but where you would think should be an L its blobbed out. Some years did have the L visible.

Your original horns are also dated coded which incidentally is what drives the repair process & parts that generally was founded in the Corvette world where they live and die by date codes. You can get kits from the Corvette suppliers that have new gaskets, rivets and diaphrams if you need them.

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