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Body tag

Guest 1930

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Is anyone here able to decode a 1986 Dodge body tag code? I am not to up on this later stuff but would like to know what all the digits mean. I have my project located here http://ramchargercentral.com/vehicle-help/1986-dodge/

along with a picture of the tag, if you can decode it please either respond to me via e-mail ( jhason2@yahoo.com ) or respond within that thread. Thanks

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I received this in my e-mail today...............This is a message from home at AACA Forums ( http://forums.aaca.org/ ). The AACA Forums owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.

To email home, you can use this online form:


OR, by email:


This is the message:

Please e-mail me on henrysly21@gmail.com with your wanted part request and I will get back to you Asap. What's your phone number?

Henry McIntosh

United Kingdom.

What do you guys think, should I go ahead and send him some money?

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Maybe get a phone number and get Ray White who often posts here, who also lives in England to suss him out

I have already sent him an e-mail with a colorful response, I do not think he is going to cooperate in giving me the phone number

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