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power antenna


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That is the antenna lead and is a coax wire with a braid over it.

You do just hold both parts and pull it apart, sometimes giving a slight twist, but you do have to be careful you do not pull the black wire out of either of the connectors. Hold onto the metal pieces.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Like most corroded fasteners, use penetrating oil, time and some tapping to break the corrosive bonds. Unfortunately can't use heat as things will melt. Some pliers and vise grips will get them apart, but enough damage may ensue that one or both sides may be unusable. The design is to push the ends together and pull them apart. Twisting is just helpful to break the bond between them, but not necessary to separate them.

If you get them apart, clean the oil off them and apply a light coat of dielectric grease on the parts before reassembling.

Yes, it's a cheap, quick and dirty connector. But a proper connector would be much more expensive and more difficult to install and assemble.

If you damage it beyond the ability to reuse it, Radio Shack has some coax splices and couplers that you can use to replace it.

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This connector has three tangs that hold it together. I've found wiggling (technical term) in a slow rotational manner and gentle pulling will allow the tangs to compress, but it's an art.

I also sometimes push it in first if its being really stubborn

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