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1988 glove box shock absorber


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You keep telling me you don't sell parts. :)

If you want another one, the one at Wally's is good. I was going to take it but I didn't have a short torx screw driver to get the top and bottom screws out that hold the glove box in so the shock is still there. Yesterday when I was cleaning out my tool box after my trip last week to Wally's I added the small Torx.

I did take the latch and that has already been shipped to someone who needed it.


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Jim That is where the shock came from. By the time you picked those cars over that is about all that was left. I just wanted to get gas money so I grabbed it knowing it would sell. I did leave the reflectors on the tail light. I did not want to reach in the trunk to remove the lights with the engine sitting half in the trunk. Besides I looked and I have extra reflectors already. I did grab the visors for kdirk, and the trunk key [btw the trunk lock was no good] for you. I also did not grab the rear panels as they are now scratched up due to the radiator being thrown in there carelessly.

So unless something new comes in I am done with Wally's for now.

BTW there is a taillight at Gibson's that has one good reflector. I will grab that sometime...

Also the Head light motors he wouldn't sell you for cheap are back in the car. They are laying on the passenger front seat. There also is a "Wanted" poster of you on their wall, for getting all those parts for so cheap...

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Glad to know my picture is out there as the person who buys low AND sells low.

I was in sort of a hurry that day and the engine being in the trunk was also the reason I did not get the red reflectors.

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