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2 desoto ID


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I have a older Desoto. I was told it was a 1928. It is licened and titled as a 1928. After reading a lot of books and several forums it seems it might be a 1929. I looked at the dash and the number is real hard to read, but it looks like K






This make any sence to you guys?


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According to the production dates list that are posted on this forum, a Fedco number starting KC2 means your car was built in October of 1928. DeSoto started with the model year 1929. Post some pictures, there are several other early mopar people here who would love to see it.


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yes, the "1929" K was made from 28 through early 30. There are quite a few minor changes made throughout that span.

different hubcaps, 2 sizes of wire wheels 5 and 6 lugs, 2 different ign systems and coil placements, bumper end details, and more that I have fogotten.

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