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Need Wheel Pullers


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I am in process of removing the rear wheels of a 1912 Oakland and a 1910 IHC J-30 but find that none will cooperate. If anyone has some ideas on the removal of rear wheels I would be open to any suggestions but what I need are some of the old wheel pullers, the ones that screw on the hub cap threads (which are rather fine treads) with a large center bolt that tightens on the axle. It appears the width is much wider than the typical Model T wheel puller and be about 2.7 or 2.75 inch. Anyone have some wheel pullers they would sell me? I would like to get both cars on the road by late May if at all possible. Please contact me at edfors@charter.net. Thank you indeed! Thomas Edfors.

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I have an '04 Cad that had stubborn back wheels also. I used a 3-ton jack between the frame and upper part of the back wheel (2x4 spanned the wheel rim). And on the bottom side I used a hammer and wood block. Once the wheel cracked loose on the drive pin, removal was easy. I could not find a big enough puller to fit the hubcap area either. Just a little pressure from the jack was needed. I also soaked the area with rid rust penetrant. Good luck.

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Most wheel pullers have 16 threads to the inch.

They are measured as '2 2/3 inches, 2 7/16, 2 9/16, 2 5/8, 2 3/4, etc.

I have seen them as large as 3 3/8 inches.

Find some one with a set of calipers' and get the exact measurements.

Visually, the 2 7/16 look the same as 2 1/2 but they are not interchangeable.

Try posting the sizes in the General Discussion Forum to contact a larger number of members.

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