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Packard market values


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One of the main problems in selling a Packard today is that as a percentage of cars sold new there are far more Packards currently for sale on the world market than any other brand. The natural reaction to this for potential buyers is "Why would I buy a Packard, there must be something wrong with them that so many people are trying to quit theirs?" Just on the PreWar Car website there are no less than 30 pre-1940 Packards for sale. More even than Fords. When you have worked that one out, let me know.



I guess that this one of the cars that Dave Fields is ready to consign to the rubbish dump.


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West I cannot speak to the marketing plan behind the tach - I remember seeing that at least once before, what would be interesting is it if is in the 1939 Full line Accesory Catalog. I had a perfect one I sold to "Packard Lover" on this forum last summer. Maybe if he sees this he will check it out. I do know some options such as rear end ratio, and perhaps high compression head, were not covered in that catalog, even though it was a full line "Prestige" type brochure.

I never felt the need for an OD with the gears my car had, and while not an expert I was told that they were not all the same. I think Tom Laferriere, for example, does not have these gears in his '39 120 coupe, and it is a 50 - 55 mph car. Mine would do 60 - 65 comfortably all day long. A tach would be cool though, for sure...

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