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Potters Trunk (Help Indentify)


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Dave, I don't know how many brands of cars used that same truck as factory equipped, but my 32 Nash is one of them.

Yours is made for a rear mounted spare tire, that sat behind the trunk. Yours does not have the drop down back panel like a sidemounted car would have. See pics; the white 32 8 cyl Nash has the drop down panel, and the green 33 8 cyl does not. These are part of the Nash standard equipment for this body style, as the lower body apron is recessed in the exact outline of that trunk.

I have seen the same exact trunk in original paint that never were drilled on the sides for the leather straps, so I know these trunks were on another brand of car. I have seen quite a few online, ebay as well as right here on AACA...I think Keiser had one a few years ago that he was selling for a friend? There was another on here in the last 2-3 months, without the handle holes.

I have both styles here, one drop down came with my Nash, and also have one exactly like yours, that I have had for maybe 25 years (bought at a yard sale)

I believe the chrome strips would be chrome plated aluminum. Both of mine are. Yours is missing the twin lock/latches that fit at the bottom of those top curved strips. The strip should also continue right down to the bottom...either split at the bottom for drop-down, or unsplit for the solid back one. The center padlock hasp was added later on yours.



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