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1928 Briggs Fordor door latch repair or replacement. Help wanted.

Steve Suttle

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All of a sudden, the inside latch on the driver's door of my early 1928 Briggs Fordor stopped working.

The door will open from the outside, however.

A cursory inspection (after fighting with the door panel for an hour or so) reveals that you can move the

little flapper up and down with NO effect on the latch rod.

Any suggestions? Can this be repaired or adjusted in some way or do I need to find and replace the entire latch mechanism?

If so, anyone out there have one?

Any and all help, gratefully appreciated.

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Guest lamaison

If you're still having problems I can post a few pictures of what the latch and handle assemblies look like when removed. Since the outside handle works, it would seem that the problem must be with either with the remote/inside handle assembly or the linkage that goes from there to the door latch itself. The inside handle assembly itself is pretty simply constructed - is it still spring loaded or "limp"? This is my first post on this forum, so I guess I may as well try to post some pictures now and see how it goes! Could be either the linkage has come off at one end or the other or else a problem in the inside handle/remote assembly - broken spring? Knob broken off of the actuator?





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Remove the latch and inspect it for broken parts. Many parts houses have replacement parts for springs, rods, pins, etc.. Snyder's has a great catalog that shows lots of sketches of actual parts. If you need the whole assembly, the wanted section, MAFCA, Fordbarn, and other sites are available to help. Good luck.

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