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1940 Modle 61-A???


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I am looking for information on 1940 Model 61-A, with sunroof. This model is not listed in any of the reference books I have consulted, and I would like to find out more about this model.

Does anyone have more information on this model?


Alan Oldfield


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The model 61-A would be a four-door sedan Century with the factory sunroof, which is a very rare option in 1939 and 1940 only. I have seen a couple of the '39s with sunroof but never a 1940. IF you have the Feb. 2009 Buick Bugle, we ran an article about them in that issue. Have you found a 1940 model 61-A??????? The "A" suffix to the model number indicates the "sunshine turret top" which is what they called it then. I have seen a photo or two of the same option on a 1940 LaSalle, so more than just Buick offered it.

Pete Phillips

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