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Color Green of Fulton Sun Shield underside?


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On the instructions it states that the underside "dull green finish has been baked on" and further "should remain green since this has been scientifically determined as the color which absorbs the maximum amount of light .....and greatest protection from sun glare". I am going to check with Sherwin-Williams auto paint store to see if they can match it in a flat product. Since there is enough of the color on the panels that was under the center section that is not faded, I suspect they can match it.

Thanks for the info on the primer, I will mention that as a option if they don't have something that appears correct.

John V.

On some other past forum, it was suggested that the color was an aircraft primer green. Other's agreed and said that that's what was used originally from the factory. It needs to be a flat color so there is no glare.
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