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Fuel Pump Replacement


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Would like to connect with Pizzaman 7880 if still a member. Would like to discuss your replacement of your fuel pump. Would appreciate an email after which will give you my phone number. My email address is: tiger.185709@yahoo.com. I highly suspect that my fuel pump is going out but don't know for sure, will have a pressure test done soon. My problem is intermittent stalling while driving, engine runs fine while sitting still and revving the engine. If anyone else has experienced this with their 89 tc, would like to hear from you, thanks.

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Don't forget after you drop the tank--replace your fuel tank gromet. Here in Florida EVERY tank I've droped has had a leaky gromet. Remember it is a pressurized system. If when you unscrew your gas cap--you should hear a sucking sound. Also after you replace the pump--try to keep your car at over half a tank of fuel. The fuel pump is cooled by the gas in the tank. If you always run at under half a tank the pump will run hotter and will cut the life of the pump. Thats why its IN THE TANK.

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