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  1. I always use purple neon dream zip ties on mine.........of course I'm color they could be black
  2. It is part of a gentleman's collection in the pacific northwest. A few years ago while driving to the TC nationals, he fell asleep at the wheel on the highway. We he woke up -he and the car were UNDER an 18 wheelers trailer at about 70 mph. He saved the car and got out from under the trailer. The A pillar and a few other scratches was the extant of the damage as I recall. It was repaired. I have seen the car and it is quite stunning.
  3. polybushings rear trackbar--best on the market
  4. FWD Dallas shocks/struts
  5. I don't know where you live,but here in central Florida I have three places that rebuild fwd axles. The last I had done were $150 for the pair with a 3 year warranty. They looked brand new when they got done. Any mechanic worth his salt will know a local rebuilder. With all the FWD and 4WD's on the road-these rebuilders are out there. Look on line or yellow pages-you know that paper thing called a book-for a good local driveshaft shop.
  6. Sue--so sorry to hear about your husband and your TC struggles. Any used car becomes a case of will/money/and lack of common sense against reality. I think the TC is in Pinellas County Florida.
  7. Link------
  8. does your TC have the origional fuel pump? If you don't know-have the fuel pressure checked at the fuel rail. Fuel pumps DON'T last 25 years.
  9. Since you have to drop the gas tank--this is a GREAT time to replace your gas tank filler neck gromet. Almost all tanks I have dropped the gasket has been dry rotted and leaking for some time
  10. Fuel pump that I have used ---link
  11. if it has the original fuel pump--I bet thats your problem. They don't last forever. Have the fuel pressure measured at the fuel rail.
  12. Here is a link...