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1926 Pontiac AC speedo

Guest rbjt

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I've almost finished restoring a 1926 Pontiac in Australia but still need a speedometer. I understand it should be an AC which reads up to 75 or 80 mph and includes a trip meter that can be reset. The opening on the instrument panel is 2.5".

Does anyone have a good one or one that is suitable for restoration?



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To find a good working AC-Speedometer from mid 20s is almost impossible,they are casted in a really bad material,I think I have had nearly 10 AC Speedos (1925-1927 Buick) from those years that are damaged just becuse of the bar material.If I was you I should look at a Stewart Warner or Waltham similar to AC instead.

For those who don`t know how the Pontiac speedo cluster 1926-1927 looks,here it`s.

Leif in Sweden.


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