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WTB Brush model B parts

Guest MDamewood

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Your front end is very close to my '11 Brush. I am not sure if they were the same on earlier models, but '10, '11, and '12 were pretty much the same. Your front end is upside down however. The steel tension rod is under the axel when mounted to the frame. My '11 does not have demountable wheels either. I am not sure if Brush ever used demountable wheels. Nice pieces however. Good luck.

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Guest BillyB

Thanks. I'm aware that it's upside down. It wouldn't stay upright the other way.

I'm not sure that the rims came with the axle but they were together when I bought them.

If anybody can give me a tip on what to look for, I'd be happy to examine it closer.

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My opinion would also bepost-90871-143142135581_thumb.jpg that the wheels are not Brush . But if they fit and safely work with that front end then by all means utilize them until correct Brush wheels can be found. The Brush Owners Club, (October) Hershey , ( April ?) Bakersfield Calif or (March) Chickasha OK would be good places to look for Brush parts. I have some rear axle parts , frame parts , rebuilt Bosch DU1 mag, and some other miscellaneous parts that I may be interested in selling. Your front end looks to be in exceptionally good condition from the pictures and makes me wonder where in the world is the rest of that car?

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