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'32 Chrysler cm 6 with sunroof

Guest vitadex

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Guest vitadex

I just picked up a new project, a 1932 Chrysler cm 6. Sold new to a Lord i Great Brittain. Exported later to Norway and after that to Sweden.

I see it as a good project. It has rust issues in the rear fendermounts but fixable (and by far better than the´31 chrysler 8 wreck in my yard). Seats are in leather and still in good shape. But most interesting i think would be the sunroof. It seems to be original. It also have some odd airvents on the side of the roof.

This is the first restoration I do on a car this old. The oldest car so far has been a '54 Volvo Pv 444, but I think the older car is, the more interesting it gets.










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I don't believe that any CM6 came with a sun roof. It was probably installed by a past owner. Those so-called air vents on the roof look to be attachments for a roof rack of some sort. The car looks more like a 1932 CI6 with the split windshield. Do you have a serial number to verify?

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Guest Rob McDonald

VITADEX, this doesn't appear to be an English-built body but maybe it was altered with a sunroof for the UK market. Despite the damp English weather - or maybe because of it - they adopted sunroofs much earlier than we did in North America.

Nice seats - they look good in your home. You have a big challenge here - good luck with it.

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I think you will find that the air vents you have a photo of are actually water drains so the water that goes in around the outside of the sun roof can get out.

Modern cars with sun roofs have tube drains down inside the car body.

I stand corrected. That makes more sense.

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