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Hershey Visit


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Today, Sue and I spent a lovely day visiting both the Library and Museum. We started off early this morning from home using all the back winding roads we know.The Corvette really enjoyed the hills and curves of rt. 772. We arrived at the library by mid morning. We had a nice visit with both Librarian Chris and Executive Director Steve. Yes, they work on Saturdays. What a great staff we have at the Library and Research Center.

I spent an hour or so going through all the 1970 Mustang literature. Can you believe that. lol The next stop was to our fantastic Museum. We arrived there to be welcomed by old friend Jim Abberts who is a long time volunteer there. We enjoyed viewing the new displays and the beautiful Christmas decorations that adorned the facility.

Last but not least we made our way down rt. 322 to the famous Shady Maple Buffet. Car people always love to have a good meal at the end of a automotive day. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Phila in Feb.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dave & Sue:)

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And I'll bet you forgot the Grey Poupon again...lol.

Nice to see you and Sue had a relaxing time in Hershey. Anytime I ever saw the two of you in Hershey you were doing volunteer work in support of the AACA and Library. Thank you for your efforts.

Likewise, Merry Christmas.

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