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Old turn of the century prestige brochures

Guest metalornament

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Your brochures look interesting.

In case they don't sell on Ebay, you should print your contact information

(incl. phone number) in this forum. Weeks from now, the Ebay link will be

dead, but this forum is archived for a very long time. Someone could well

call you after your Ebay listing is no longer reachable.

And if you feel generous for end-of-year giving, I'll bet the AACA Library in

Hershey would love to have one or both. That's the best home the brochures

could possibly have!

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Sure enough, the Ebay link is now dead, and there's no way

an interested buyer could contact him to see whether they're still available.

Phone numbers in posts are helpful!

Considering that the original post is from Dec 2012, one shouldn't be surprised that the ebay link is dead. Most are purged after a month. On the other hand, click on the O.P.'s screen name in the first post and you'll be given the option to send him a private message.

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Ebay links and Craig's List ads expire quickly and are soon inaccessible--

but AACA Forum posts have long lives.

Many things are for sale long after an ad has run. I called about a Stutz

for sale a year after it was advertised in Hemmings Motor News, and it was

still available.

And after time has elapsed, things that may have been optimistically priced

can be more reasonable. O the virtue of patience---

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