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1910?? ICS "Automobiles (Part I) Book (ICS 222?)

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Book has no discernible date; has flyleaf listing sections in book, all showing copyright date 1910. Sections are Eng Aux'lrs--cooling, mufflers,starting, governing; Carbs; Elec Ign; Trans & Control--clutches, power transmission to driving wheels, steering, brakes; Bearings & Lubrication, and Tires--types, maintenance, deterioration, roadside and vulcanizing repairs. 51/2 x 81/2, 412 pgs plus 14 pgs questions and 12 pgs index. Covers badly worn but solid, small piece out of spine, about half interior pgs have minor water stain along top, all int pgs otherwise good cond, good heavy stock, wt over 2 lbs.

No actual brand name components mentioned, and all this is too early for my experience, so I have no idea if this has any real value other than a curiosity. Price $10?? plus media mail mailing. Details Bud Tierney 503-281-8576 or email/PM thru site.

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