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I`ve read several places that it has a 53 chassic...not so, it is a 1954 chassis and a 1953 drive train.


I'm still confused.

What's your definition of a "drive train" ?

Are you saying that you have all 1953 Buick OEM components.....Dynaflow transmission, u-joint, and enclosed driveshaft in a torque tube.....under your 1954 Landau?


Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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The late Bob Coker (second from left) with his 1954 Landau and 

a second view from the same show.


Note the Skylark wheels before Bob got the replacement hubcaps many months later.

Third photo shows a view of the hubcaps, taken at the Danvers, Mass Nationals in 2011.



1954 Buick Landau 3.jpg

1954 Buick Landau Driver Side.jpg

1954 Buick Landau 1.JPG

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