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Took My Father in laws 39 V12 Packard out for a drive yesterday.


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This is a fun car to take driving around, problem is everyone stops you to look at it and ask questions. Lots of fun cruising through the new car lots having the salesmen chase you down and just going fast enough to make them run. in second gear at 10mph we had one salesmen ask if it was an electric car because it runs so quite.

The green 40 180 was the show car for the 39 worlds fair in San Francisco, Grand Father is passing it down to me, He is 95 and just lost his driving license and is not happy about it.

I love driving and working on both of these cars, the polising is the only thing I dislike as it takes forever.



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The Green 40 180 is owned by my Grand Father Bob Hopkins Sr. He use to drive it on all the packard tours after he sold his right hand drive 35 Packard conv coupe with a rumble seat(forget the model) It has been on two tours around the USA, from Ca to Canada, to maine then florida and back to ca. Car still runs like a top. This pic was taken after a week of polishing, that was about 5 years ago and had not been polished in about 25 years before this., still looks just as good.

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