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Driving a 1902 Olds and a 1909 Buick on the Field Everyday. Cars Have No Windshield to Put Sticker


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I have a problem, Everyday Wed through Friday, We bring His 1902 Oldsmobile one day and then our 1909 Buick the next, etc.. there are two issues. #1 The cars do not have a windshield to put the sticker on, so we will usually stick the four corners of the sticker on the sidelight. Only one problem, someone stole our sticker last year using this method. Issue #2 if we stick the sticker fully on the lens, we cannot remove it and transfer it. My idea is to spring clamp a piece of plexi on the dash with the sticker stuck to it. Can someone from Hershey Region Comment and let me knwo what to do. This way my father and I can enjoy both cars without making the Security people grumpy.

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I had my 1908 Reo in the flea market last year with the same problem. I just carried the sticker in my pocket. None of the gate guards ever even asked me for it. I guess the figured that if I was crazy enough to drive that thing on Hershey roads, then they would let me into the fields. Good bunch of guys (and one gal).


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