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48 Dodge Fluid drive


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I have a 1948 Dodge someone converted the Fluid drive unit to a manual. It was not a nice job and I need to convert it back. I would like to buy a Fluid drive unit or find someone good at working on them who can convert it back to the proper Fluid Drive coupling. Any suggestions? Thanks

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It depends what all was done. Some Fluid Drive cars were converted to a 3 speed manual by swapping over the clutch, bellhousing, transmission from a standard car. In that case you would need to find a Fluid Drive car or at least the Fluid Drive, bellhousing, flywheel, clutch, and transmission also it is possible they changed the special carburetor and removed the resistor/circuit breaker box.

Personally I would prefer a manual trans. You say they did not do a nice job. Would it be possible to fix the worst parts and make a good manual trans car? Or do you really want the Fluid Drive?

If you want to go Fluid Drive your best bet is to find someone with a parts car or who has stripped a car and has all the parts at one go.

Do you have a repair manual, parts manual or some other reference to show what the original parts looked like? You might start by going over the car and figuring out what parts have been changed or removed. Then you will have a better idea what you need.

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