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Buick Truck Factory Photo


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Hi All,

Sometime in the last year I stumbled across a black and white photo of a Buick Truck on the internet (Late teens or twenties styling). It was stated that the picture was a factory photo of prototype, the picture was looking from the left rear corner forward and there were two gentlemen in the picture. The interesting part was the pick-up bed, it was finshed like the body work and followed the body lines (i.e. it was not the typical rough rectrangle box). It was alomost like the bottom of sedan body was used. If anybody has seen this picture and has link, I would apprciate it.



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The picture looks similar to Mark Shaws Buick Truck which is a 1925 D45 modified .


The truck was probably made on one of the Buick commercial chassis that Buick supplied to different coach builders at the time. If not, then it was probably a converted car which was not uncommon during the war to get more gas for farm trucks. All Buick trucks from the factory had four cylinder engines except engineering exercises in the 40's and beyond.

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