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1959 MGA convertible 1500

Guest impulsivelystupid.lol

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Guest impulsivelystupid.lol

So just this year I acquired a very dented and very traumatized relic of English Racing history.

I may have over paid depending on how you look at it....I got her for $2,000.00 even. But the way I look at it, I have all the money I put out for it in parts. The knock off wheels alone are prolly about $1,000 or more and the original radio is worth between 500-1,000.

I would categorize my care as a barn find.


Seems a building fell on her at one time. Every fender has a dent.

and the worst dent of them all is where the frame buckled a bit under the weight of the building. The dent is located behind the passenger seat.

There is rust but not through to the frame.

On the bright side!!! Its complete. No parts missing, its all there. I bout had a heart attack when i could not find the carburetors but there were behind the drivers seat.

The original seat cushion covers are in good shape (were very dirty tho). Just two tears where the convertible cover metal frame dug into it.


After a good scrub down.


So my plan right now is just to clean it up a bit right now. Get the critters out lol. I will remove the right front fender and cold hammer it out and see how far that gets me for now.

And remove the convertible top cover to see the extent of injury to the frame and see how best to pull the back straight.




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Guest impulsivelystupid.lol
Hey I've seen cars a lot worse drug out of fields an ditches and restored to a fine running restored car. Its a project, but it only takes time and money.

I dunno why, but your comment made me laugh, Prolly considering i bought this car rather impulsively. I am a 25 year old mother of two very active boys. I have neither the time....or the money. I will take this restoration one day at a time. I have been around classic cars my whole life and am aware that without a massive sum of money and a crew working this car will be a project for some time.

You see, I saw the potential in this car that i could not pass up. (house hold Bills took the back seat) It was about to be parted out. I could not let that happen. I saw an opportunity and boy did i jump. Its not every day you run across a complete gem like my "Penny" as i have named her. Hopefully she will shine up half as well in time.

This is my fist solo Restoration. I know next to nothing about the engine portion of cars but i do know the simple mechanics of MGA's are know for their simplicity. I am fairly confident i can work out the majority of body damage save for the buckled portion. I will most likely have a pro handle it. We will see when i am in that room. Focus is now on getting all the random odds and ends parts out of the (STUCK) trunk lid. I cant release the trunk. There is a few small odds and ends that i am told are in there as well as the ORIGINAL TOOL kit? well i will believe it when i see it. lol anyway keep you all posted. This may take a few years. and a couple thousand $$$.



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I hope I didn't scare you the other day but if you take it one part at a time, you'll make your way through. It's just that some of the steps are more expensive than others and like me you'll have to save a bit, then do it. Get all the manuals you can find about your car, sales booklet, shop manual, parts book and whatever else is available. Join the MG club and check all the forums including the British car one below. You'll find hundreds of knowledgeable people out there more than willing to guide you along.

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Guest Davethewave

Pic is of much newer MGB, but idea is the same. First restoration, I highly suggest doing one area or piece at a time. Many people take apart to this level than life changes. Than the boxes start getting lost, than it finally becomes for sale at penny's on the dollar. Your car or a Triumph TR3 has always been a goal of mine to find. Enjoy the ride.


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You also need to go to the various suppliers of British car parts. There is Moss Motors and Victoria British among others. I get there parts regularly for my TR6 and the good thing is that many parts for these are still available. Also try The Roadster Factory in Pennsylvania. They also have parts for MG's and are very knowledgeable to deal with.

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