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Torque value and pattern needed, 31 Lincoln flatty

Tom Martinez

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I need to remove the heads on a 1931 Lincoln 385 flathead V8. There isn't really a proper shop manual available for these for these engines and all the documents and manuals I have, do not give a head torque value or the torque pattern. It's a 23 stud head.

Is this information hiding somwhere out there? Does anyone have any general rules for torquing a big flathead like this?


Any assitance or guidance is appreciated

Tom In Ca.


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I'd be guided by what the thread size is. I don't have any authoritative data from a Lincoln source, but most all flathead engines using 7/16-20 studs/nuts were about the same, in the range of 60-65 lb-ft.

PS - again I don't have a pattern specific to the Lincoln, but all those patterns I've seen from a variety of makes were always in the form of a spiral starting in the center.

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Thanks for the responses guys, job done, I just did a test drive all looks well. I'm torqued down right now at 55 ftlbs, I think after reading Chrises post I'll go around one more time at 65. The reason I changed the heads on my Limo (not the green roadster in the picture) was because the heads that came with the car were cracked and poorly welded, cosmetic wise they looked like S**T, so I replaced them with a nice reconditioned set.

Regards, Tom in Ca.

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