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  1. Gary, yes there is a button on top of the shift knob, it is for taking the car out of freewheeling, which is default in 2nd and high gears. The operation is pretty simple, it's a quick clutch release, then push the button, then move the shift lever a short throw. If you leave the car in freewheeling you can shift between 2nd and high gear without using the clutch. I frequently take it out of freewheeling in hilly terrain, but on level roads It's unobtrusive. The button should be nickel plated and what you see is the underlying brass. Many descriptions of the 31 Lincolns say it has synchromesh,
  2. Some recent pictures of the Limo, I've done some more work in preparation to probably sell it. It starts well, hot or cold, idles, runs, shifts, stops, generates juice, rides decent, does not overheat (the shutter system have been entirely restored) It's pretty well sorted out to be a decent driver. The paint is of a moderate quality, the interior is very nice wool, the chrome is all new. The engine compartment and underside are scruffy, but not a disaster. I have a few more things to do like restore the luggage rack, mount the smoking vanities, attach the other horn, and few other small thing
  3. Attached are some more photo's of my 1931 Lincoln Limo, I drove her around for the first time, it went pretty well so I put the hood back on, it's aluminum so one person can do it. I also finished off the running boards and installed the headlights.<O:p</O:p <O:p</O:p of course the hood is aluminum but so is the entire body skin. Amazingly the A, B, and C pillars are heavy structural aluminum backed up with wood...damned impressive, no wonder so many of the big classics got turned into B-24's and Mustangs, the car also has a massive aluminum crankcase and many bronze fittings throu
  4. A few progress photos of the Limo, since my last post I've attached the running boards and new rubber mats. I attached the radiator shell. I assembled and mounted the side mounts. I received my rebuilt shutter-stat and reassembled the radiator shutter mechanism...quite a Rube Goldberg set up but it looks pretty robust. I partially disassembled and cleaned the carburetor, and then I replaced the float needle and some seals and gaskets. <O:p</O:p <O:p</O:p My photo's show my oil pan and filter screen ready go in after de-sludging. I also got a good look for the first time at the bott
  5. The original color this car was painted per the Lincoln records was "MM" which translates into Mulberry Maroon. I can't say what the paint number is or what the current color actualy is because I didn't comission the work but it seems to be in the spirit of the Limousine pictured in the big glossy sales brochure. It's a very nice period color for a thirties era car, particularly a sedan or a closed car. Regards, Tom
  6. Here are a few pictures of another 31 Lincoln K, this one followed me home late last year, It's a very early Lincoln bodied Limousine, 145" W.B. Now that the 31 Lebaron Roadster is at my shop to get a little body work and paint touch-up, I brought this big gal home to do final assembly and sorting. I bought this car from the heirs of a fellow who passed away while coming home from the upholstery shop to check on the car. The poor guy was about 95% done, chrome, paint upholstery, etc. It's been a great help to have this car as well as the Roadster as they both came with spares that have been be
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