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1927 tourer

Guest morerevsm3

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Guest morerevsm3

Hi all,

recently inherited a 1927 27-25 standard tourer that my father restored around 35 years ago, it broke down on his way home from the largest historic vehicle rally in the southern hemisphere (Bay to Birdwood rally) in 2000, and he never got to find the problem and passed away in May this year, I tried to get it going for his funeral, and unfortunately, ran out of time, got it on the trailer and towed it home, then found the problem, the screw that is also the float pivot pin had fallen out of the Marvel carburettor, also need to dismantle vacuum tank and clean it out etc, and finally got it running ok, it is now on club registration and have been driving it a little, brings back fond memories, I learnt to drive in the back yard in a 1926 Buick buckboard Dad had bought for spare parts when I was 5...but I digress

here are some pics

as the car was purchased in 1968



after restoration-


my Father, Mother, her friend and my Brother at the very first Bay to Birdwood rally


on the trailer when I bought it home



and off the trailer



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Beautiful car. Your father had very good taste! And greater yet, you are continuing the legacy with this wonderful Buick! May your father R.I.P. and please stay tuned in to the board and consider becoming a BCA member and attending meets, if possible. There is a wonderful group of guys within the several clubs in Australia! Matt

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Guest morerevsm3

thanks for the welcome all, I live ~3.5 hours drive (in the Buick) from the nearest Buick club chapter, but do check their website from time to time to see if any events happening in my direction, that I am home for (I go away racing my other cars or go karts quite a few weekends) the town I live in is on an interstate highway, single lane in each direction, so travelling at 50mph when all the 65 ton trucks (2 trailers) are travelling at 65mph makes it a not very relaxing drive to head anywhere the Buick club usually have events

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