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Door Panel... HELP!


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Ok I need some more help.

The door strap screws seem to have some glue or some adhesive around them someone has gone into the door panel before. I always have an issue I hate to whine.

I cannot even see one screw the other head has adhesive below it so I cannot get the socket 10mm around it.

Any thoughts? I think I need to drill the nut heads out!!!

Whats under the panel where these nuts or bolts go into??

Any experienced guys out there who have run into this? My car looks like new now I am worried about the door panel now.

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Guest steveskyhawk

If it is rtv it will come out with a pick. If they used somthing that hardened use a dremmel tool to expose the 10 mm hex head

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Time out before you do something you regret. When faced with a stupid problem like this (it sounds like someone epoxied the bolt heads to hold the cap retainers) patience and forethought need to be exercised. Don't ask me how I know, let's just say I learned that lesson the hard way, and many times over.

These bolts will be a bear to drill out, not only because they are recessed in the door panel but because they are steel, and will be fairly hard to attack with a drill. If you can get a small diameter drill bit (maybe 1/8"-3/16") that is extra long, you might be able to carefully drill away the epoxy (or whatever it is) and then get a socket on it. Or, depending on how hard it is maybe use a heavy duty awl and a light (brad or tacking style) hammer to very lightly "chisel" it out carefully.

Do not swing for the fences on this. No matter what, it will take time and patience. If you are getting pissed while working on it, take a break and come back to it later. Rushing/getting aggressive will cause more damage and then you will need more parts (and spend more money) and that is the voice of experience talking!

Is the material in question black, grey or clear? Most epoxies are grey (like JB weld) or clear (most common 2 part repair epoxies) and either type will be very hard when cured; JB weld especially. Wish I had some better solution to offer, but my best advice it to go easy at it.


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OK guys Thanks for the help and the drill suggestion. I drilled out the junk and then I could move the hex bolts. We replaced the motor on the window only and it worked. Thanks to Mike at Buick Reatta Parts he guaranteed it was the motor only not the regulator and he was right.

I also put some nylon spacers between the door trim panel and the door itself under each hex bolt and ran the bolt through them. This took at lot of stress off the door trim itself. The straps are solid it was the strap covers and the plastic under them that was bad.

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