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  1. May consider going, just for some who have never had a chance to get a Buick judges a bit of a let down but maybe I am the strange one here. So if they are doing when will the meet be back again in the northeast? Some of us just drive cars and don't attend to the details. Me I have a complusion to fix everthing on a car as it was when new. So I fall into that fix everything I can box.
  2. I was wondering why no judging.I have been to other clubs national meets and I admit I go to get my car judged. So please don't say I am a trophy hunter. The point is that is part of the experience in addition to meeting people. I live in the northeast and this is the first time the meet has been in the area recently. I was going to go, but now I have decided not to. I would think this would decrease attendance?
  3. New vehicle, all original 1970 GMC C1500 Sierra Grande. No rust 350V8 PS PB carpet, headliner, AM radio. Flawless chrome.
  4. Funny cargirl!! Maybe twins? But the newest may be a 1970 GMC C/K1500 2WD long bed pickup. Appears to be an original rust free example. I am going to get it Wednesday. So so you like pickups of GM from 1967-1972? That would be scary!!!
  5. Took Betty June (name of original owner) out today still ran nice. AC was blowing cold. Open to offers.
  6. Kevin you are correct this will not last forever. Gravity usually takes over. We are all guilty to a degree, buying cheap stuff at Walmart while we have our jobs but buying that cheap item from China puts our neighbors out of work. Guess what? We are next and if we are, you guys collecting will be not collecting for long. Capitalisim is not at fault it capitalism without any morals or restaint. America has become GREEDY, so greedy the rich get government subsidies to get richer. I have no problem with rich as long as you make it on your own and not with a subsidy. Maybe finding some trust in God is the answer not trust in politicians. America is real sick when we burden the poor working class so connected people get rich. Look at government funded NFL stadiums and electric cars.
  7. Car still here. The car is a keeper not a 185,000 miles heap that is old and tired. Why throw away $ 2,000 on an old tired car??? So if you want a Reatta that still drives like new this is it. A Maryland car that has never seen the snow. I also have the window sticker and some paperwork.
  8. I am willing to sell my Reatta, but not desperate. If someone wants a #2+ driver with nothing to do to it. This is the car. No rust no major paint issues or torn seats. I am very meticulous with my cars and keep them up. Here is a photobucket link. http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/gkhashem/library/1989%20Buick%20Reatta?sort=3&page=1 The car has 41,200 miles and needs nothing. I have owned the car 3 years and have changed all fluids, tuned up car, put in a new refurb stock radio with new speakers. The only minor flaw is a dash pad with a few small hairline cracks in the normals spots from a prior attempt at a removal I would guess. But a very minor flaw the dash is still very good. The interior color is still deep and dark. The paint is still shining and nice. I have a spreadsheet of all maintenance done since my ownership. I recently refinshed the wheels and put on 4 brand new tires at a cost of about $1000. AC works, power windows, cruise, wipers, windsheid washer, dash and electronics all work. Headlights open fine, I even fixed light wiring since prior owner mess up the wires and started to pinch cable. All correct now so further issues should be eliminated. The two items not working is the cassette deck and the lumbar on the drivers seat. The lumbar worked at first but after I took seat out to change radio it seemed to stop. Rest of the 16 way seat all works. I also will include all my parts that must be at least $1000 worth of maintenance and NOS switches and other hard to find items. Even a nos brake accumulator which nows cost $$$$$. I am asking at $9000. I am open to reasonable offers. You will not be disappointed with this car. I even have the window sticker and original owners paperwork. george.hscpa@tds.net Car is in NH or my cell 603-848-2265
  9. gkhashem

    New Wheels

    Just glad I returned those junky polished wheels some guy, whom many know around the board, tried to stick me with for even more money!!
  10. gkhashem

    New Wheels

    Sort of local 35 miles away nice people. They use a lathe of some sort and machined the wheels. They take off some of the outer metal that's why they were worried that they would go down too far and lose BUICK. Then they clear coat them. One wheel had a good gouge in it, but they were ok. If he went down too far he was ready to get someone to reproduce the BUICK on a decal on one wheel then clear it. They said it would look fine. But in the end they did not need to do this.
  11. gkhashem

    New Wheels

    Thank you Keith. They sure beat the garbage wheels someone tried to sell me. It cost me $550.00 for the wheels less than the junk that was sold to me 2 years ago. I think it was a fair price, plus they were concerned the machining was going to go into the BUICK logo but it did not!!! So I was real happy with the result.
  12. gkhashem

    New Wheels

    Ok I linked pictures as you can see the last one shows the lighter cap. That' s the one I bought and was sun faded. But my orignial was gashed bad. Too bad since you can see the lighter side. Overall a vast improvement over the old scratched wheels. Also weights are hidden and will not damage the wheels!!! Also I got 4 new tires from tire rack for $304.00 after $50.00 rebate. A nice deal for 70000 mile tires which will never see 70000 miles! But they are blackwall, since, my inherited tires had raised white letters. Here is a shot of a wheel before, actually one of the better of the lot.
  13. gkhashem

    New Wheels

    Ok here are the shots they came out real well. The one center cap that look lighter was a used replacement since one of mine had a deep gouge in it. So I bought a replacement two years ago. So the picture shows it as lighter. In person a little better than the photo but as we know the caps are hard to repair. That's why NOS caps are going for 825.00. I got my 4 wheels done for 550.00. A real reasonable price. I did mount new tires also since mine were about 15 years old.
  14. Yes same throaty sound on my car which still has the original exhaust. But my 1991 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo with the 3800 has the same sound. Even my 1991 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz with the Cadillac 4.9L has a similar growl. These cars all have the original exhausts, wonder if it is the exhaust system. I like it, makes the car sound "powerful" and they are no slouches anyway, they move.