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1936 dodge 4 door sedan heater question

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Mouchy, The valve on the head is the main shut off valve for the heater and of course you already know that one line goes to it. The other line goes to a nipple on the radiator return hose. I have seen this done in a couple of ways. There was a nipple fitting that was fastened directly into the rad.hose with a clamp and nut or there was a nipple fitting brazed or soldered into the steel radiator return pipe that exits the side of the water pump. Somehow the heater water must make a complete flow circuit to be operational. I don't know if anything is sold aftermarket for this;you may end up having to make it yourself. I found a steel hose nipple with a formed nut and threaded end,cut off the excess threads and will have it brazed into the steel return pipe. Easy fix for a good welder!

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Mouchy - I used to have one of those nipple arrangements that goes into the radiator return hose but don't know where it went. I just came back from a wrecking yard with a bunch of older stuff absolutely buried in brush and weeds and trees. There might be something like that in there if one could find it.:rolleyes:

By the way, what do you have for a heater? I have an extra heater that appears to be correct for Dodge as it is illustrated in the accessory flyer for '36. I've repaired and painted the body and had the rad tested. Only problem is the motor is fried - too many years in the rain and snow in another wrecking yard - but if it doesn't have to function, it looks good. Send me a PM if you are interested.


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