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  1. The part number on the spare (641006) tells me that it might be from a 37. Hi Pete I went and had a look at the bases of the tail lights from my '36 Dodge D2 RS Coupe. Numbers are 641005 Rh and 641006 LH. They mount on the fenders OK and as far as I know, they are original to the car. It is a Canadian built unit but I doubt that there were any differences. I can't find ANY of those numbers in my master parts manual or in the 1936 Dodge parts manual. Don't know where these would be listed. Good luck! Jim
  2. Agreed. I have mat core samples form both. I also have a set of '36 Dodge mat cores we copied exactly from originals and have enough tabs to complete them. Your challenge is to find a company that can put the rubber on them since Hunley Acuff closed his doors.
  3. www.emblemagic.com has a number of emblems like yours in stock waiting to be restored on order. Contact them for more info.
  4. Ya know I think I can spot a bit of improvement Nice work Dale!
  5. 1964 Chrysler Windsor (Newport in the US) 4dr sedan - ivory with red interior - it was new and Dad must have had a weak moment. I liked it so much that years later I was able to find one almost like it.
  6. Hi Spinney I just had a look at my list of serial numbers for '36 Dodge. the D2 numbers are right on - 261637 US + 3368 CDN. = 2605005 D2s The D3 was built in both the US and Canada - 3073 US + 1039 CDN. = 4382 D3s The D4 appears to be Canadian only assembly with 5645 units. There was definitely a series with smaller engines built for export to deal with the horsepower tax that I learned about on this forum., I also note the mention of an overdrive unit available on UK units of 1936 Dodge while there was nothing like that available in Canada and the US. I researched that one to death as I would have liked an OEM overdrive for our '36 Dodge D2 RS Coupe. I suspect the overdrive was to compensate for the low horsepower small displacement engines.
  7. D3 and D4 are also 1936 Dodges - built on the 1936 Plymouth chassis and 3-4" shorter wheelbase. Lower priced cars with fewer options and assembled in Canada, perhaps overseas as well. I think the D3 was the bottom end of the line and have not ever seen one. I think they may have been for export only but not sure. I have an acquaintance who had a nicely restored D4 coupe. Others chime in with more details please.
  8. The handles seem to run from the obvious to the obscure. 36 D2 Coupe refers to our decades-long restoration project of a 1936 Dodge RS Coupe. I like ones like Rusty's that bring a smile
  9. The unstuck engine is a plus. Certainly it's worthwhile to have an extra engine and transmission. Spare rear axles are handy to have for a driver. I don't think $1500 is out of line for the pair. Again. good luck.
  10. A pair of 1934 De Soto Airflow SE sedan parts cars - From the pictures, missing too many important pieces to be very valuable. Without any idea of mechanicals, looks like body shells and a few bits and pieces. Value between $500 - 750 each. Sadly, they might be candidates for rat rods. Just not enough there to restore as whole cars (and I love Airflows) I hope someone who needs a parts car to go with their "34 De Soto will contact you. Best of luck.
  11. More info please - Year, body style, PICTURES, Locaation
  12. Been there on the renovations! Your hickory cabinets look fantastic. I really like wood cabinets in a kitchen - no use for the modern sterile characterless white MDF stuff that looks like some kind of institution. Yes, it's not cheap but the warmth and beauty of your kitchen will reward you every day. The car will come in its own time and is going to be just as lovely in its own way.
  13. I had always been puzzled by the small bore export engines listed in the parts manuals. Now it all makes sense. I was not aware of the horsepower tax. You learn something new every day
  14. First order of business is to join the Airflow Club of America. I've been involved with these cars since 1972 and can say without reservation that they are wonderful well engineered cars. In well sorted mechanical condition, we have club members who drive them at freeway speeds from coast to coast. In fact the club has a prestigious award for owners who have driven coast to coast. Help is available and freely offered to anyone working on a restoration. While some body and trim parts may be a challenge to locate, club members can frequently offer either the needed part or a lead to find it. Reproduction parts are available from the club store and also privately from some members. (I have been reproducing Airflow doorsill scuff plates since 1987) Last thing I will mention is that we have an annual meet where Airflow enthusiasts gather to exchange parts, stories and make new friends. This year it's being held on June 5-9 in Charlottesville VA. We'd love to see you there if you can arrange it. Info is available at www.airflowclub.com Let us know whether you get the car (hope you can). There's plenty of support available. Best regards Jim
  15. Now THAT is a neat training film. I'm sold already! (As an interesting side note, Chrysler already had done the wind tunnel work coming up to the development and introduction of the Airflow in 1934 )
  16. Just talked to a friend who has an order hung up at L-B - part paid for and no response. They have his old seat material for patterns and at a minimum he wants THAT back. This does not look good at all. I hope that whatever is going on, they will release what is not part of the company inventory.
  17. Dimensions please - width and height - need to know whether they fit long or short wheelbase Airflows. Thanks.
  18. These bolts are unique to '34 Chrysler Airflow I think. Good luck!
  19. I believe the lenses for the '35 Airstream are fairly simple and rather plain lenses, not at all like the domed "36-36 lenses with the web-like cages. Good that you have them too. Those tail light pods and stanchions should bring good money as auburnseeker says. The plated shells will clean up nice. Best of luck - I think you will be surprised at the interest they would generate in an open auction on eBay.
  20. Just FYI the Airflow Club of America has the molds for Straight 8s - 298.6 and 323.5 cu. in and are actively taking orders. If you contact John Librenjak through the ACA perhaps there may be some synergies and you may not have to completely reinvent the wheel. Maybe just adjusting the existing molds' combustion chambers for your high performance ideas would work. ACA has a website and I think the heads are offered there. They have molds for 6 cyl.241.5 cu. in engines as well.
  21. fargopickupking - do you know about the '38 Fargo 1/2 ton hulk in a wrecking yard in Melbourne Ontario? I put Danny onto it thinking it was a '36 but no, it's a '38 he said. Just good for parts but if you have a very large collection, it might be useful. PM me and I can tell you a little bit more about it.
  22. The blue one uses '36 Plymouth style headlight mountings on the fender catwalk and has an unusual upper cab and windshield configuration so perhaps a heavier truck - 3/4 ton or 1 ton?? The red one has 1937 style grille bars so I suspect it is a '37 Fargo. The last one - two tone tan - has a 1938 style grille and lower grille shell embossed in the style of 1938. It also sports a chrome band between the grille shell and the hood that was not present in 1936 and may even have been added by its restorer. Finally in your second post. I am familiar with Danny Klacko's beautifully restored 1936 Fargo, having seen it many years before he undertook a very daunting project. Up close it is every bit as lovely as the picture shows with impeccable attention to detail. I believe it's the truck the OP was seeking parts for .
  23. Nice dies! I had something like this made to create the formed-in trim washers on the Airflow doorsill scuff plates we make. Since the material we use is aluminum, I can use my drill press to squeeze the dies together. Love your attention to the hidden details
  24. Great choice! This car isn't flashy BUT it is a fine driver and easy to get mechanical parts for . You'll have years of affordable fun in a car your friends will be happy to ride in - and few worries about "collector" value. And it WILL get lots of looks and questions. Congratulations and best of luck
  25. Hi Karen - 1934 and 1935 De Soto Airflow skirts are the same size but the emblems are different for each year.