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  1. Just for perspective, here are the comparable US and Canadian production figures for all three 1936 Dodge models irrespective of body style based on beginning and ending serial numbers: US Canada D2 261637 3368 D3 3073 1318 D4 0 5645 This gives an illustration of why D3s are so seldom seen. I don't know whether these numbers account for vehicles assembled in other countries but I suspect not. Other opinion to this please.
  2. marcapra- do you know Kevin McCabe? He has an extensive collection of MoPar film strips and records. He may be able to help here. I'll PM you with his contact info - give him a call. This is really interesting and neat stuff!
  3. Face of the ACA pedal looks like this. Colour is lighter than the boot above and darker than the pale pedal.
  4. The repro from the Airflow Club looks just like the lower image but with the dimensions I listed above.
  5. I just received the brown accelerator pedal I ordered from the Airflow Club of America. Brown darker than the poor pasty thing that's being sold as a replacement but not as dark as the original. Now for the size; Original - 8 3/4" x 2" Replacement - 10" x 2 1/4 " Both - full steel cores, heel pin mount correct. Placement of accelerator rod socket identical. ( Center of socket to back of heel mount - 8") The extra length is at the upper end beyond the rod socket. Pattern on the face looks like the incorrect repro instead of the original but I think it would be acceptable as it's a correct MoPar pattern. If this will not bind on the firewall, I think we have a winner. Update - I checked and it will do! These are available from ACA for $25.00 each (brown or black) plus shipping. (I don't know how many they have in stock - Price would likely go up if they have to get more made)
  6. and the non-auto related gezunder - for those of us of a certain age
  7. Craig is a very fine decent guy. I have spoken with him a few times, dealt with him at Hershey and recognize his predicament. He has a huge stock of carefully inventoried accurately identified NOS.NORS, remanufactured and reproduced parts His knowledge of his stock is encyclopedic. In a recent conversation about brake shoes he asked me if my brake drums were 10" or 11". I was unaware that there were 11" brakes factory installed on a few 1936 Dodges and I have been at this for a lot of years. He wanted to make sure that what I ordered was correct for MY car. His pricing is fair and his honesty is impeccable. Like most of us. I am unable due to age and limited funds to take over his business. However, to lighten his load, if you think you may need something, give him a call and I'm sure he will try to help you. If I were younger and wealthier......... That said, Craig, like every one of us in this old car hobby, has his quirks. He has spent his lifetime helping the rest of us restore our rusted treasures. Prayers are offered for his return to good health. All best wishes Jim
  8. Guy's name is Wayne Brandon. Phone 517 625 7596. Cell 517 285 3675. Port Perry Michigan. I last dealt with Wayne in 2010. Got quarter panel patch panels and tail pan pieces for the D2 Coupe. I must admit I have not installed them so can't vouch for fit quality. He had an extensive catalogue of body parts at that time. However I have heard that he may no longer be in business. I got the body parts when they were available so I would have them when I might eventually be able to do body work. Try these numbers and see if he answers. As I recall, he was a nice sincere fellow. Let us know how this turns out.
  9. Yes you are right jpage. You are of course describing the repro units we both have. The bottom mount on my original looks just like Pete's except that mine's in rougher shape. The position of top connection on the repro unit falls between Pete's sedan original and my coupe original so it really doesn't work well for either one. The angled bottom mount just won't work either. We'll see what I get when the unit from the Airflow Club arrives in a couple of weeks or so. Hope we can find a solution for everyone. Just thinking about it, perhaps since the Airflow guys have a set of moulds, maybe it would not be that hard to reposition the top connection to do sedans if that is all that's needed. All speculative but ??????
  10. That's interesting Pete. the top side looks like mine (except mine is brown) but the position of the button that receives the accelerator rod is different. Yours is maybe an inch or so from the end while mine is right at the end. This may be the difference between pedals for coupes and sedans. Thanks for the pictures.
  11. I just spoke with the storekeeper at the Airflow Club of America. He says they have the moulds to make accelerator pedals for the Airflows and my parts book says these fit all '34 MoPars, all '35 Airflows and '36 Plymouth and Dodge D3 and D4 except Conv Cpe. They also fit '36 D2 Coupes and '36 DeSoto and Chrysler Coupes. This covers my D2 Coupe and I am going to order one (they come in black or brown) to see what it looks like. If it is close in configuration to the ones you need for a sedan this may be helpful. The repros they make have a steel core. The moulds were made many years ago and my recollection is that the results look very nice. I'll let you know when I get one about quality and dimensions. Price is reasonable and I'm sure the Airflow Club would be happy to sell some if they will work.
  12. Ok here we go! I was able to read the part number on my very poor "36 Dodge D2 Coupe gas pedal. Part No. 451964 Black 720833 Brown. Now, going to my parts books, first Dodge Passenger Car Parts List 1936 Model Series issued March 16, 1936: Accelerator pedal No. 495993. No distinction among body styles. Next, a relatively rare Chrysler Corporation of Canada book: 1934 through 1939 ILLUSTRATED PASSENGER CAR PARTS LIST PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER DODGE DESOTO. This one shows part no. 451964 used on ALL 1934 Chrysler products, 1935 Desoto SG Airflow and C1,C2 and C3 Chrysler Airflows, 1936 P1,P2,D3 and D4 Plymouth and Dodge EXCEPT Convertible Coupes and 1936 D2, S1, C7 and C8 Dodge, Desoto and Chrysler Coupes. Part no.495993/797919 appears on all 1935 PJ, DU,DV, SF Plymouth , Dodge and DeSoto, and on1936 D2, S1, C7, C8 Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler Sedans and 1936 P1, D2 and D4 Convertible Coupes. So this opens up your search options a bit. I find that the Airflow Club of America claims to have repro gas pedals in both black and brown and I shall check out prices and availability. Not sure if Steele has the earlier years covered or not. I have one of those 745978 repros available if anyone can use one.
  13. Re: Chrysler Canada records - I think they were disposed of by the company when it determined they were of no further value and just taking up file storage space. Happens all the time in the corporate world where old documents are of little interest and history means nothing.
  14. Peter - you have a correct 1936 Dodge D2 engine. If the original owners did a replacement, they obtained another '36 Dodge engine. Same thing that occurred with my D2 Coupe except that the previous owner had tried to hot rod it and had dropped a '53 Olds Rocket engine into it before failing in his attempt. I was able to locate all the correct parts and engine to return it to stock condition in 1967. Pete in PA - The Canadian records for Chrysler Corp - at least pre-war - no longer exist. They were destroyed at some point and all we have is info from manuals and documents that survived in private hands. Very frustrating as many of us would like to have production information on our Canadian built cars.
  15. Yeah I got one like that too - sold to me as '36 Dodge repro but definitely not right and the colour is awful. Not even well made.
  16. Vette-kid Yup! You definitely gotta have another accelerator pedal
  17. Interesting info - I have a coupe and was puzzled as to why the original gear shift boot assembly doesn't match anything offered by repro companies. It follows that the gas pedal won't match either. explaining the separate part number for coupes. The stuff we learn!!! Thanks hwellens!
  18. Reviving this post for 36Plymouth 40 Dodge - Here's a lot of good information to help decode the paint code on your 36 Dodge convertible Enjoy! Jim
  19. Hi Peter I just had a look at your serial number plate - 9406839 is about 1158 units from the first serial number listed for Canadian D2 Dodges, Your body number of 13 seems about right since there were not that many RS Roadsters built in the production run. How do I know this stuff? Well I've had our Dodge since 1966 and have accumulated quite a lot of shop manuals, parts manuals and literature - US as well as Canadian - including serial numbers etc. Occasionally, shop manuals, parts manuals and owners manuals come up for sale. I'll try to contact Dave Gray and see what he has available here in Canada. The shop manuals are 34-36 Dodge all in one. I have never seen one exclusively for 1936 Dodge in over 50 years and have no idea why The engine you have in the car looks to be the right configuration. Can you find the engine number - it is stamped on a flat boss on the left side of the cylinder block just above the generator. That number will tell us whether the original owners were able to source a '36 Dodge engine from Ohio and if not we can tell what it did come from originally. Regarding the hood hinge retainer brackets, there is a guy who has remanufactured them and has them for sale on eBay. You will likely want to contact him. On this forum he goes by "knobless" - look him up. Regarding the brake cylinders - Bernbaum is reliable - I suspect the wheel cylinders you ordered will be ok. I need to do this myself - cheaper than rebuilding the ones on our car. I'll be calling them soon myself. That's all for now. Best regards Jim
  20. Hi Pete I'd like to correct your information on the Canadian Dodge production. The 1936 D2 Dodges were also assembled in Windsor - serial number range 9405681 to 9409408 for 3728 Canadian D2s. The D3s were built in both countries( (1319 in Canada - mainly for export) while the D4 ( 5645) was a uniquely Canadian thing using a Dodge style front clip on a shorter Plymouth wheelbase. I realise there has been some erroneous information floating around out there and I hope this clears that up a bit. Best regards Jim
  21. Narve Go to eBay and look up hornedataplates. This outfit sells rom Poland. They have an extensive listing of the data plates they make including some Canadian Dodge data plates.
  22. Jake - A search for Paint Code 614 brought up 1936 De Soto Burgundy Maroon. This may be close but it is a US reference. I believe the Canadian paint codes are a separate group and I have not found reliable information on what colours they represent. Same problem with my Windsor-built '36 Dodge. Was your car painted to match the original colour? Jim
  23. Hi Jake The last two data plates (SERIAL NUMBER and MODEL BODY PAINT and TRIM)in your first post can be purchased on eBay from hornedataplates. Price is $25-30 each - nicely done - from Poland. I have bought a Canadian Dodge makers plate similar to the red Chrysler makers plate you show from them - very nice and reasonably priced. Perhaps they could make you a Canadian version for your Chrysler if you ask. Your Body No.13 makes sense as the serial number is early in the production run. Thus it is an early assembled car. Unfortunately the Chrysler Canada build info has been lost so it isn't possible to get you a build sheet. I will have a look for the paint codes to see if I can identify 614. The trim code may be a little harder. The trim code on my '36 Dodge RS Coupe is AAE and I can't find a record of what that means. However I still have the original interior so have to figure it out by eye. Jim