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  1. Not Canadian. These look more like Plymouth and resemble "34 DeSoto Airflow although that's not what they are. Sorry I can't be more precise. They are in beautiful condition.
  2. Congratulations! A well deserved award - she's beautiful! And I REALLY like the trophy. That is priceless in so many ways
  3. Actually that might not be too bad. On a very hot midsummer tour that my wife and I participated in a couple of years ago, we had left a large bottle of Coke in the car. Being desperate for something to drink, we opened the HOT Coke! Surprised that it was quite spicy and refreshing. So now we kind of like it that way
  4. I was following a similar thread on another forum and the best alternative offered was to use premium non-ethanol fuel. There is a web site www.pure-gas.org that lists many of the known locations where non-ethanol gas can be found in the US and Canada. One of the forum members found that he cured his vapour lock problems on a 2500+ mile Michigan - Sacramento run in his Chrysler Airflow this way. When he had to resort to ethanol diluted fuel. the problem came back but disappeared again when he could get non-ethanol fuel. He said the lack of problems made up for the extra cost of premium fuel. I'm no expert, only reporting what my friend says worked for him.
  5. An interesting neighbour I had who died over 10 years ago drove coast to coast repeatedly in a DIESEL Chevette. Apparently a very unusual and uncommon option. He was mechanically inclined and could make anything run. This man was not small but he folded his large frame into that small car and proudly claimed it was the cheapest thing he ever drove. That would have been a rare one to rescue.
  6. My friend who is into English cars has two of the little rascals - a mate of the Robin roller in blue and an earlier roadster. Really different and I'm sure quite exciting to drive in an adrenalin rush kind of way.
  7. Hi Stev Your engine takes 3.375" pistons that fit 241 & 228 cu. in. engines. I got a set of oversize pistons from Engine Parts Whse in Memphis in 2018 for my D2 Coupe - complete with wrist pins + a ring set for under $175. They had an impressive inventory of pistons, rings and bearings including many oversizes. Falcon Global supplied bearings for the engine at reasonable prices. Check them both out. It took me a while to find them but sure saved a lot of headaches. Also on eBay if you look for pistons for Chrysler 241 & 228 engines, I found sets .040 and .030 oversize for under $300 - so those parts are available if you shop. No need to have them custom made.
  8. Sadly. there is no collection of Canadian production records similar to those you can get from Chrysler Historical in Detroit. My understanding is that all those records - production by body type etc. - were destroyed years ago in a housecleaning purge so all we have to go on is starting and ending serial numbers. Any body numbers that can be found on the firewall plates that survive can indicate the upper end of the known number of bodies of a particular type that could have been built. For example my Canadian '36 Dodge D2 RS Coupe has body #76. So at least 76 may have been built. If someone has one with a higher number then the count goes up. But that is the only way we have to figure out Canadian production by body type unless someone has data that I haven't heard of in over 50 years. I can still hope......
  9. Interesting! I got most of the insides for my '36 Dodge D2 engine rebuild from Falcon. Very reasonable prices and prompt delivery. They seem to have a really broad base of engine parts in their inventory. They're worth a look. They saved me a bundle!
  10. I used a company called Freightera with HQ in Vancouver BC. to move a large fender from Ontario to Vancouver Island. They got me 2 quotes - terminal to terminal and residence to residence. The cheapest was terminal to terminal with an LTL shipper but the consignee was willing to pay extra for residence to residence. As a novice shipper I found them great to work with and they do a lot of work in the US. Spent the better part of 2 days building a crate out of scrap lumber to protect the fender. It arrived promptly in pristine condition. I did a lot of shopping for rates and had quotes ranging from $1225 down to $290 so spend a bit of time on that. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for the picture of the correct optional trim rings and the beautiful starburst on your wheels. I was always wanting to have those optional discs but now, looking at your wheels, I think I'll go with the starburst and forget about looking for the discs. And that colour combination is particularly attractive!
  12. Greedy half-wits should be allowed to experience medieval torture. Sadly, they eat regularly šŸ˜–
  13. I have some rough ones for a Canadian car - they will need major and expensive repair. The way the US caps attach to the wheels, the rim of the cap pops over spring tabs on the wheel. The Canadian caps have the spring tabs on the cap that lock under a retaining ring on the wheel. It depends which style of cap you need whether what I have would be of any use to you. If you can't use them and anyone else here thinks they could, send me a PM.
  14. How bad is the wood graining on your dash? I took mine out of the car and went to work on it last month with some #800 grit sandpaper, alternating with Flitz polish and was able to remove 80+ years of residue. The thing is to use the sandpaper VERY gently and slowly, checking constantly to be sure you're not getting into the original finish. This will take a lot of patience so be prepared to walk away when you find yourself getting too aggressive. What I ended up with is a dash with the original woodgrain that I can live with. The car is not going to be a show girl so she will show her age. I did the same with the garnish moldings and was able to rescue them as well. Diran's decals are wonderful. I might have extras of the ones for the instrument cluster but I'd have to check.
  15. Those would have been outstanding options but I can see from a fabric production standpoint why very few would have been made. They would certainly be show-stoppers!
  16. Always loved the styling and just the idea of Chrysler's Turbine car. Unfortunate that most of them had to be destroyed because of funding rules. Such a beautiful car!
  17. Thanks for that suggestion - nothing would surprise me!
  18. Thanks so much for this richard m. That is indeed an awkward measurement to take. It looks as if the column that I had been using is the same length as yours. That is good news. Not sure what the other two units I have came from but possibly sedans. So now I need to take the longer one apart to see why there is so much play in the wheel. I bought a set of bushings and bearings and a replacement sector shaft but if the worm gear is badly worn I'm not sure how to proceed. Has anyone else had success in dealing with that issue? If I take one of the other steering boxes apart, and IF the worm gear is OK, I would still have to cut and splice the shaft to make it long enough. Nothing is ever simple
  19. I need to rebuild my steering box because it's badly worn. Here's the problem. When I got my coupe back in '66, the previous owner had tried to hotrod it. He had removed the steering column and box and replaced it with a Dodge truck steering that mounted on the outside of the frame in order to clear the Olds Rocket engine he tried to install. Taking it back to stock, I was not bright enough to try and find the original so I replaced it with one from a sedan at the wrecking yard where I found it.. Now I discover that the steering column and box for a coupe is DIFFERENT from the sedan unit. The column I have seems to be about 2 1/2" longer than a couple of others I have acquired. Can anyone tell me what length the correct unit for a '36 Dodge D2 coupe is supposed to be? My parts interchange book only says it is different but of course no dimensions.
  20. Looks like a fun car! Best of luck reviving it. Really sporty for sunshine touringšŸ˜„
  21. Came in yesterday - near London Ontario Canada
  22. One of the moderators on this forum - Karl, I think, had the massive tool and jack tent at Hershey and he might have the answer for you. I just can't recall his handle. Can someone else help with his contact?
  23. It was drilled into me as a child - "If you don't have something nice to say ..........." Nuf said!
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