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Check your wheel bearings (even if your trailer is new)

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Even if you have a new trailer ....

Check your wheel bearings for excessive play

Last thing you want to do is deal with a damaged spindle by the side

of the road with cars whistling past you at 80 m.p.h. :eek:

If you don't know how to properly adjust or repack your wheel bearings,

go to a local trailer service retailer before you hit the road


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Excellent advice!!! Many years ago, I was taught the wisdom in an investment into "Bearing Buddies". They are known by other trade names also. What they are are the spring loaded devices that mount on your wheel hub that enable you to simply pump grease into a zerk and be assured that your wheel bearings are properly greased all the time. Pulling the cap and repacking is no longer necessary. They are a little pricey but the convenience and reassurance are worth every penny.

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Bearing Buddies (I use on the Amphicar) are designed to keep water out of the bearings, not for actually greasing the spindles / bearings. Used on most boat trailers. Unless the trailer axle (Dexter, etc) is designed for self greasing which pushes the grease to the rear bearing through machined holes and then out through the front bearing a Bearing Buddy won’t do the job. Check your trailer axle manual.

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