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1929 DA transmission v's 1929 Ply "U" transmission - uninteresting discoveries


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So, in an endeavour to find out if any parts from the Plymouth "U" gearbox that I have will be worth hanging onto in case they are also common to the DA's gearbox, I checked the part numbers from both vehicles to see if there were any matches.

It turns out there are a few that are also used in the DA:

# 33238 Gearshift lever locating pin

# 50652 Mainshaft flange nut washer

# 103320 Main drive pinion bearing retainer screw lockwasher

# 103387 Mainshaft flange nut cotter pin

# 103868 Drain plug (Canadian built only)

As the title of this thread implies, not very interesting!!!

I wouldn't feel too bad if you choose not to comment. :D

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Thanks for the sharing information of any parts that interchange. These are always good facts to know.

No prob!

In all reality you could prob take that parts list down the local hardware and come up with the same matches.

The disappointment was palpable on my end :D

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