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What is eating my car?

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A granular substance is accumulating in the enclosed area under the front seats of my 1922 Studebaker. I've attached a picture with a dime for size reference. The granules also include some insect parts. The car is stored in a dry area with no mud tracks to the ground so I guess they are not subterranean termites that are common around where I live. What is causing this and how do I treat it?



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Hi Tom,

I have similar in buildings and quiet corners near windows with some light. Here in MN those are spider castings from fine dining habits. Check for spiders.

Henry Votel

Forest Lake, MN

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For future reference, I noticed similar but reddish-orange colored fine particles appearing on my console and dash from time to time and eventually realized it was headliner backing material falling through the perforations caused by vibrations from driving.

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