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Rear Window (Marmon, not Hitchcock)


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Do you have an idea of what size it's supposed to be? Obviously, LeBaron Bonney sells repro rear windows.

If it has to be a specific size, one could probably be fabricated. I know NC Industries does windshield frames, wonder if they could do a framed window?

I tried to search Ebay for a rear window, but that's about impossible with all the junk that comes up.......

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Yes, Ebay has failed me as well. I'll have correct size by the end of the week. I just have to get to the Marmon Heritage and dig through that. 8" may be around correct. The entire panel is only about 18" tall. The 1927 E-75 window is just over 10" tall but is probably not useful as a standard for what the Model L should be and the panel it is in is about 21" tall.

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