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Captain Harley

Moto-Meter Restoring....

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Has anybody renickeled and/or rechromed an original Moto-Meter? If so, what

plater did you use and were you satisfied with their work? Cost?:confused:

Thanks in advance for any feedback. Bob:D

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Let me be the first to say what everyone else is thinking - it's easier and much cheaper to buy a new repro. Unless there is something really special about yours it's going to cost more to redo than you can imagine. You'd need to strip it down first and that includes removing the glass tube, glass, face plates, gaskets, etc. It's probably made from pot metal also so you'll most likely need to get some work done on that unless it's in exceptional condition. Sometimes, if the frame is in great shape you can buff it up so it looks almost lie new and if you go that route you won't need to dismantle everything to clean it up. Tell us a bit more about what you're doing and include some pics so we can see more. is it for a special vehicle?


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I have been collecting original Moto-Meter Junior models for a while. Some are in excellent to NOS condition while others are complete, but needing a refinish.

Both of my Model-A's have original Moto-Meter Jr. models which I have found to be more accurate then the reproduction ones. I believe they give a more

precise reading of what the actual atmosphere temperature reading is in the cars radiator. The Junior model is the one approved by Ford for use on his cars and sold by the Ford dealers. What I would like to do is restore the

finish on a couple of the rougher looking ones and give them away to close

friends of mine. Who are also owners of Model-A Fords. I know it could be

expensive like anything dealing with old cars except the good people you

meet through them. Having to completely dismantel them is no big deal.

However, having to remove the glass thermometer tube would be prohibitive.

I only have a basic understanding of the plating process and was hoping that

just a basic "field strip" of the meter would suffice for replating.:(

Thank you for your informative reply.


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