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  1. Hey guys thanks for your advice, but I found two on eBay. Fafnir 203P and made in the good 'ol USA.🤩 Capt. Harley😉
  2. I'm wanting an "American" made 29-63 Chevrolet generator bearing. China made version only good for a few thousand miles. GM #954378, New Departure bearing #3203S1446. Thanks in advance for any help. Capt. Harley
  3. I remember a movie like you are describing, but I believe the kid bought a '31 Chevy roadster. Him and a bunch of his friends where in the car when it developed brake problems and crashed. Earlier in the movie the crooked car dealer that sold the car to the kid had his mechanic. Glue some brake linings on the cars shoes hence the shoddy brakes. I saw the short flick on TCM a while back. Bob-A😉
  4. I've found original Moto-Meters to be more accurate then the repop ones. Unfortunately, working ones in decent condition are getting harder to find. I have been able to only restore 50% of the original Moto-Meters that I have acquired. The biggest problem is finding a meter with its glass thermometer red indicating fluid not dried out. Or most likely the meter has been on its side for a lengthy amount of time. And the red fluid has migrated to the top of the glass tube and does not want to come down. I've been told the red indicator fluid is both mercury and/or alcohol. The pic is of an NOS Ford Model-A script Junior Moto-Meter and its box. Capt. Harley 😉
  5. If it was a '32 Chevy it would be called a "Landau Phaeton". I like the moniker: Convertible Victoria. What ever it is called it is a beautiful automobile!🥰 Captain Harley 😜 Skirts are for women not car fenders!
  6. Just for the record the car in vermontboy's original picture is a 1929 Chevrolet 2-dr coach. Possibly a 1930 coach, but I'm going to stick to '29.😉 CaptainHarley😁 Skirts are for women and not car fenders!
  7. I've always wanted to mount a single Pilot-Ray light on the front of my '31 Model-A roadster. Preferable a good used one for a "decent" 🤣 price......😭 Capt. Harley😉
  8. I think I have seen some pics, can't remember where, of a couple of running board spot lights shaped like these. A back-in-the-day pic of a '30-'31 Cadillac All Weather Phaeton. Parked in front of a music theater promoting a Duke Ellington concert comes to mine!?! Capt.Harley
  9. I've been using non-ethanol gas in my antiques, Harley's and lawn mowers for years. I live about 7 miles north of Dade City, Florida and there are 3 (use to be 4) stations selling the good go juice within 10 miles.🤩 One of the stations also sells 110 octane (leaded🤫) racing gas!😍 I mix a little of the high octane gas with the regular non-ethanol for the Harley's. They surely appreciate it too......... Capt. Harley😉
  10. Steve_Mack_CT, Clyde is a hansom devil😈! My "A" is named Virginia🦊, she was assembled In Norfolk, VA. My dad was from Virginia and my mom's name was Virginia. So it was a no-brainer when it came to naming her. For some reason of late, Virginia's starter bendix has been sticking in the flywheel when first engaged. No big deal just a little of the "third gear, back--'n-forth, two step" and away you go................ Capt. Harley😉
  11. I've messed with 20's and early 30's open car spot lights. Mounts for them can be somewhat generic and easy to fabricate from stock. If you can't find original mounts. Without seeing the spots you mentioned were in Craig's List (?). I am going to guess they are Unity spot lights. A very prolific and quality light company. Finding and matching the proper lights with their specific mounts can be a real headache! If you are a member of a Buick car club, national or local. Contact fellow Buick enthusists and see what they have to say.
  12. I remember seeing an L-29 Cord open front seat town car delivery on TCM. The short video was about "home delivery" from an upscale jewelry shop located in Hollywood I believe. The car definitely fit the bill for a classy delivery vehicle.
  13. Thanks guys! I knew Phillips Head screws came out in 1936, but always wondered about the Allen Head design. Captain Harley 😉
  14. In what year was allen head bolts/screws invented? Thank you
  15. Thank you for the picture! I was 17 in 1968 and do not remember his name. He was a nice distinguished looking gentleman who looked to be in his 70's. I do remember him saying he did not like to step on the wood strips on the running boards. Which is why he had the step plates made.
  16. I remember seeing this coupe at the 1968 AACA Tarpon Springs, FL meet. When admiring the vehicle and talking to the owner. I remarked about the running board step plates. He said he had them custom made to his personal design. Any possibility of a pic of the step plates, motoringicons?
  17. Some where in all my junk (oops! Valued treasures..) I have an old issue of MT from 1958. One of the main articles in it was: "Why the Lincoln will fell and the Edsel will succeed" . AMF
  18. Terry, I have been collecting original Moto-Meter Junior models for a while. Some are in excellent to NOS condition while others are complete, but needing a refinish. Both of my Model-A's have original Moto-Meter Jr. models which I have found to be more accurate then the reproduction ones. I believe they give a more precise reading of what the actual atmosphere temperature reading is in the cars radiator. The Junior model is the one approved by Ford for use on his cars and sold by the Ford dealers. What I would like to do is restore the finish on a couple of the rougher looking ones and give them away to close friends of mine. Who are also owners of Model-A Fords. I know it could be expensive like anything dealing with old cars except the good people you meet through them. Having to completely dismantel them is no big deal. However, having to remove the glass thermometer tube would be prohibitive. I only have a basic understanding of the plating process and was hoping that just a basic "field strip" of the meter would suffice for replating. Thank you for your informative reply. Bob
  19. Has anybody renickeled and/or rechromed an original Moto-Meter? If so, what plater did you use and were you satisfied with their work? Cost?:confused: Thanks in advance for any feedback. Bob:D
  20. Jim_Edwards, I've been told of a locksmith in Zephyerhills, FL that I am going to look up. I live in West Central FL, but came from Orlando, FL. In the Big-O locksmiths were only a mile or two from my house. Now they are 20 or more miles. keiser31, Nice collection! Thanks for the offer and you never know I just might take you up on it. Let me see what pans out here locally. Thanks again. vondertann, Thanks for the info and suggestions. All the locks are rivited on and it would be a real PIA to remove them all and then reattach them. Thanks guys I appreciate your input. Captian Harley AMF/Ride & Shoot Safe;)
  21. Does anybody know of a locksmith, individual or outfit that would have running board tool/battery box keys for sale? I have 4 different boxes with 4 different makes of locking latches and "no" keys!:mad: There are no local lock smiths that I know of in my area so I thought I would ask the choir......... Thanks In Advance:), Captain Harley AMF/Ride & Shoot Safe;)
  22. Speedster, I work out of town, so when I get back home I'll check out my latest HMN. Or maybe check out their website and see what it has. "Ask The Man Who Ownes One", any 526 or 533 model Packard owners on board? Thanks, Bob
  23. Speedster & jrbartlet, Thanks for the replies. I guess I need to give a better explanation of what I'm looking for. Didn't Hemmings have (or still has) a sister old car publication that compared two same year cars. They did technical, performance, style, etc. comparisons. I guess that is what I'm looking for in a 526 model Packard. But just the info about the Packard and not how it compares to another brand of car. I guess I need to talk or "chat" with someone who owns one. Thanks again, Bob
  24. I'm interested in the Model 526 6-cylinder Packards and was wondering. If anybody can point me to a website, book, etc. that would have a lot of information contained in it about the cars. I'm not interested in joining any Packard clubs right yet. Thanks in advance, Bob