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Want to Buy - 50 DeSoto parts

Guest Irv D

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I am looking for about 6 of the "cup-like" retainers that hold the front fender chrome mouldings in place on the fenders. These are oblong, metal "cup-shaped" pieces which are about 3/4" long, 3/8" wide and 3/8" deep. They fit over threaded projections on the mouldings which protrude thru holes in the fenders. I believe there are five projections and five retainers on each fender moulding. There is a screw hole in each of the retainers, which allows a screw to thread into the projections and draw the moulding tight to the fender.

The exact same retainer is also used to secure the hood chrome "lip moulding" to the bottom/front of the hood.

Anyone having some of these - or know anywhere I can get them - would be much appreciated. I am willing to pay a very fair price - plus shipping.

thanks..........Irv D



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For those who responded to my request for retainers - which hold the front fender chrome mouldings onto the fenders (keiser31 and c49er):

I really do not have a very good picture of these. I tried to attach a new picture, but could not figure out how to do so, so I will send a new post with a picture or two. They are not of good quality, but they may help.

C49er asked what they look like. The best that I can describe them are as follows:

1) they are oblong in shape and are "cup-shaped" with a screw hole in the bottom of the cup. Each one is about 3/4" long, 3/8" deep and 3/8" wide.

2) Each one fits over a projection on the chrome fender moulding on the inside of the wheel well. The projections on the moulding go thru corresponding holes in the fender and are threaded on the inside. The "cup-shaped" retainer then fits over the projection and a screw is inserted thru it and threaded into the corresponding projection. The screw is tightened down which draws the chrome fender moulding tight to the fender. There are 5 projections on each moulding and 5 of these cup-shaped retainers for each moulding.

I hope this description, plus the attached pictures will help you determine what these retainers look like.

I am in hopes someone will be able to help me find some of these.

Thanks for your time and interest.

Irv DeMatties


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