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VIN location on 1932


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From a 40+ year owner of a 1933 Chevrolet Master 5 Window Coupe.

Not sure the 1932 Chevrolet is exactly the same, but the VIN for a 1933 is on a 1 X 1.5 inch (approx.) plate mounted on the right side of the front seat floor boards just inside the right door. This plate only has the VIN and the number may difficult to see without good lighting. The plate under the hood has items like the body, paint, and trim numbers, not the VIN.

Oracle, Not sure who created the document your 1932 Chevrolet link goes to, but 1932 Chevrolets were never referred to as Eagles as far as I know, that was a 1933 only "Official" designation. The 1932 Chevrolet was referred to as the "Confederate". Also, the Series CA passenger vehicle designation was specifically for 1933 Master passenger cars, the 1932 was BA series cars.


1933 Chevrolet

1962 Triumph TR4

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