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Dodge Brothers Railcar in India


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Guys - you may already be well aware of this, but I thought I'd post it just in case.

My wife & I have just returned from two weeks vacation in India and when we were there we took the opportunity to visit the Railway Museum in Delhi. One of the exhibits is the picture below, where apparently this railcar was used for many years on the Kalka to Shimla narrow-gauge railway in the Himalyas.


We went to Shimla using a 'modern' diesel, which took 8 hours to travel something like 98 kilometers - boy, talk about the 'slow train'!

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What is the Pitman arm connected to? Coupler pin?

Hi p-d,

Attached are the remainder of the pictures of the railcar I took, maybe this first one will answer your question?


Plus a couple of others showing the drive mechanism and engine -



Argyll. ;)

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Guest DodgeKCL

Yes it does appear the pitman extension goes to that white arm which is pivoted over to the black double arm which drops out of view but seems to go to the brake shoes at the rear of the front boogie wheels. Strangley you must of turned the steering wheel to slow down the loco and train.

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Sure dont seem like them little Bogie's would offer much braking power.

I would certainly agree with you - on the one hand the railcar doesn't go very fast, but on the other the Himalyas are very steep!

Maybe they put their faith in the direct chain-drive to slow them down and a lot of Karma to back it up. All I know is these little railcars went up and down the mountains for decades and there's even one recently been rebuilt for tourists to 'enjoy'!

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