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Looking for Willys parts

Guest bammax

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My fiancee loves the old Willys from the pre-war Americar coupe to the 50's era Aeros. With that in mind I'm looking for something from an actual Willys with the name or logo on it that she can mount on the wall as a momento. She wants to someday get her own 41 coupe and I'm hoping a hubcap or grill or horn button or something else of the sort can keep her driven towards the goal. Doesn't need to be something from a pre-war Americar specifically. Just something that she can hold that is from a real Willys.

I'm located in southern Mass so factor that in when mentioning anything big you might have.

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Saw that this morning. There are a few on there that I've noticed. I'm partial to the one that's from an Americar, but it's still got a few days left and is already close to my max budget after shipping.

I also found on craigslist a bumper from a wagoneer that has WILLYS stamped into it. It would make a really cool shelf. Just need to wait for the price to drop a bit.

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How about a 36 willys sedan for $6500.00 Thanks Dave

Only $6,400 over my budget at the moment. Otherwise I'd have it and she can look at me driving around in it :D

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