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Gas tank Question


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I don't know how ignorant this question is, but I have to ask. My gas tank neck sits very low in regaurds to my gas lid on my 46. I just got the car and have not taken it to the pumps yet, but I am concerned about the pump reaching the opening of the tank. Is this common? What is the fix?

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I'm glad you asked that question, Tinndn. The filler spout on my '47 is the same way. I had always wondered if I had the wrong tank. Apparently not.

The gas station nozzle will reach the spout just fine. The nice part is that spill-overs fall harmlessly to the ground rather than on your paint.

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Guest 50SedanDelivery



Need to know where to buy and what type tank to buy for my 1949 chiefatin - bought it without.  Help please !  Cedric

You could try www.truckandcarshop.com     (800) 235-2470

They sell a 49-52 chevy tank # 49-101240 that may fit for $149


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