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1950's vintage studebaker needed

Guest joy

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Hello, My in-laws will celibrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary this week and we would love to rent a Studebaker. Dad had a 1950 creamy yellow Studebaker Starlite when he married Mom. They live in Southern Indiana and we will take them to dinner in Louisville, Ky. Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated! Thank You.

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Joy, this is a little off topic, but Danbury Mint has a yellow 50 convertible. Not cheap, but if you can't find someone with a real Studebaker, one of these would make a nice 60th anniversary gift to remind them of times gone by.

Studebaker - The Danbury Mint


Since it seems someone has a problem with this post as spamming, I guess we should all stop supporting the Danbury Mint and other companies that cater to our automotive collecting habit.

I bought both of their 1950 Studebakers and the 53 because I admire the cars and know full well I'm at a point in life I won't be able to own one before I die. Danbury made it possible for me to at least have a scale model of them, as well as a few other cars I'll never own.

Right now I am honestly considering selling them.

Joy, if you can't find a real Stude, one of these could make a good gift for your folks if they don't mind something to dust. In the meantime, maybe Studemax can step up to the plate and help you find a real one.

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Hi Joy - Welcome to the forum. I sincerely doubt that you will get much interest in someone renting you their car. Insurance considerations alone would make it problematic and that car will be tougher to find than a 1950 Ford, for example. Anything is possible, but I wouldn't get your hopes up too much. There may be someone who has the right kind of car that is willing to drive your parents to dinner. You just need to find the right person and car.

Good luck.

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Thank you for the replies. I knew it would be difficult but thought I would ask. From what I understand, it is going to be difficult getting from Corydon, IN into Louisville, KY anyway with the I64 Sherman Minton Bridge out.

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