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54 Interior colour?


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Hi all, im still trying to figure out things with my 54 and having no luck doing so.

I asked on another forum but unable to answer my q. I own the workshop manual and a few sales brochures but they also do not help me. I have also searched (and searched) but not found the info i am after. I cant even find any '54s for sale with interior shots.

In fact, it would seem that there is no photos of the interior of a 54 firedome (nobody opens them?) I have downloaded a bunch of photos of 53s and 55s!

Even if someone can point me in the direction of another expert or any research material i would greatly appreciate it!

While there is quite a while before i will be getting around to doing anything on the vehicle i will sleep better knowing the answers to these questions!

So i have a 54 Firedome Club Coupe, exterior colour code 372 (aztec yellow/black roof) and the trim is 384 (ive been told that is green cloth).

My questions

- The interior door jambs are a greeny colour, is that factory? i'm used to door jambs being the same as the exterior vehicle colour! 200799_1949925666793_1202158323_2551890_5163080_n.jpg



- Secondly, in regards to seat fabrics am i correct in assuming both the seat base and back rest should be matching like my rear seat 185732_1949929586891_1202158323_2551908_348103_n.jpg and not like the front? 200716_1964573712985_1202158323_2572716_6253908_n.jpg.back of front seat 200432_1964576113045_1202158323_2572720_7249973_n.jpg

In this case however that would mean the interior is vinyl-like rather then cloth? (the upper section on the front seat is cloth, the lower of the front seat and upper and lower of the rear are vinyl-like)

- Third, what would the original colours of these seats been? i dont think 30 years in the CA sun helped the interior - would it have been light green inserts in dark green outer? (refer above photos), or would the lighter colour have been yellow light the exterior?

-Fourth, the head lining (what type of fabric and what colour) and with the carpet (what type of fabric and what colour?)

- Fifth (and last, sorry!) would i also be correct in assuming the door cards colour scheme matches that of the seat (the darker strip being the same as the darker section of the seat and the lighter section being the same as the lighter part of the seat?)205077_2029145967251_1202158323_2652275_4546526_n.jpg


Thanks so much all


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The doorjams would be the same as the exterior color if they have not been repainted. The interior does not look right. It looks like it has been reupholstered.

The front seat back looks like it might be original. Is there a sign of old upholstery under the surface of the other seats? Often they simply put a new covering over the original one.

The door panels look original.

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