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Door Hinge Pin/Bushing Source

alex bonino

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Hello all. Slowly but surely making progress... Found a few more pesky rust spots hiding behind the front clip sheet metal <SIGH>

Anyway, thinking about next steps and was wondering about a door hinge bushing/pin source. Called Florida Fasteners and all I got from them on first generation Rivs was "huh"?, so no luck there.

Also, Id be interested what other members have done as far as body/paint sequencing as far as next steps goes (eg., remount all sheet metal and adjust gaps?, leave sheet metal on for stripping, repair, skim coating and priming?, remove sheet metal for paint? etc etc.) Not quite there yet though.

thanks folks!



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I would imagine that GM used the same pin/bushing combo for years on all models.

Yeah, thats what I thought too. However, the 'E' bodies at GM seem to have had some pecularities - maybe to handle the weight of that massive door? I dunno.

I will research and post what I find.

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