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Hello, I've got the 1926 Schebler service manual, so I'll may have the info you're after. Do you mean what was the model Schebler that was made to fit a T model, or a Schebler that looks like a Holley NH carburettor? Because my book doesn't realy show a carby similar to the T model style. It does have details of the aftermarket Schebler made to fit a T model, as well as a different manifold (1912-25)

Regards Craig

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Thanks Craig

I am not sure if the carby has anything to do with the model T ford at all. In the casting of the carby it has Schebler mod "T". It has a horizontal mount flange on it.There was one on e-bay afew weeks ago item number 220758249488 If you have a look at that one it will give you some idea as to the look of it


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