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Brake project

Guest deluxe39

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Guest deluxe39


Just signed in. I'm working to restore a 1939 Ford deluxe panel truck.Currently,

I have removed the brake single master cylinder. I was planning on buying

a replacement,but before I do that, I wanted to hear comments about the

idea of upgrading to disc brakes, which would mean dual brake cylinders and

other parts, any reply or experience in this area ? Thanks

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Welcome Deluxe39,

If you are restoring the vehicle it should be fitted with the original type master cylinder and brakes that were fitted from new.

The 39 Fords have very good brakes when they are in good condition and they are more than a match for the performance of the car.

The only down side of the 38 & 39 models is that because the wheel centers are what are known as wide 5 where the studs are positioned around the outside edge of the brake drum the wheel nuts must be installed with a tension wrench.

If the wheel nuts are not tensioned evenly they will pull the brake drum out of round and you will get pulsing of the brake pedal and can get uneven pull on the wheels when braking.

If you want to streetrod it and install discs etc, you will get plenty of info on the HAMB or Fordbarn

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Guest deluxe39

DAVID...Thank You for your reply.

I have joined the HAMB, but so far you are the first to respond, and it feels good to read the most

valued information that you have provided. I personally prefer an original vehicle to stay as much as

possible as such. When the day comes that my project is finished, I would love to go on the road or

out of town, with safety in mind, like seat belts and that's why I mention disk brakes.....but now I know

by what you wrote, that yes, the brakes will work just fine. This posting on the forum is a little bit

intimidating,this computer world is new....so is my knowledge of the mechanics of antiques....but if

I don't ask...I'll never learn....just have to filter out all the negative or sarcastic remarks and cherish

the ones like you.Now if If can figure out how to post pictures and videos...you'll hearing from me soon.

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Guest deluxe39


I don't even remember why I started calling it as such!

"Thanks for the clarification, Dave.....yes it does have the " barrel front grill"

...gee...do I have to change my call sign now..???

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